High Tide Retriever's Training Program is custom made for every dogs and clients needs. Whether you are focus is on making a Hunt Test and Trial Champion or a Hunting Companion that is going to work the pheasant fields, HTR will work with you and your dog to get the best out of him or her. A major success of the HTR program is educating owners about handling their new retriever; just as important as educating the dog.

High Tide Retrievers is proud to be a facility that produces highly capable dogs that work hard to conserve game. This is what these dogs were born and bred to do and we are blessed to be part of that process. We have in the past trained dogs for several hunt clubs here in Canada and in the USA. We have provided upland dogs and dual purpose dogs that have met the needs of high volume and elite shooting clubs.

At High Tide Retrievers  we believe that Training a retriever is a journey we take with that retriever and its owner. A journey to make that pupil the best it could possibly be . We strongly believe that truly great dogs don't just happen over night. Great dogs are projects that have goals that are accomplished step by step and are evaluated and re-evaluated  as the journey is well underway.

We at HTR are not just looking to train a dog for you. We want to be right there with you on every step of your journey with your companion and competitor.

The Video is a brief description of HTR's Wagon Wheel drill, how it is taught to the dogs and the standard we hold them at in this training element. This video is the very basic form of wagon wheel. The video features HRCH Ten Bears Smoke Potatoes Surprise MH, wearing a Sport Dog Brand 1825 series Collar. Tater  has just come back  from his trial season break and we are getting him back in shape. Enjoy.