• All High Tide Retriever pup's come with a comprehensive 26 month health guarantee.
  • Females and Males are only Bred with all Health Clearances that are held to the industry's highest standard.
  • Our Goal for our breeding's is to try and recreate the best qualities that our proven dogs have. With that goal in mind we pick our Studs to complement our Females to create great working Labradors. We aim to create pups that have the physical attributes that will help them be long lasting highly capable retrievers for the ribbon chaser or the die hard duck Hunter that is looking for the hunting companion of a life time.

*** ALL PUPS SOLD from this breeding ***
HRCH Ebony Rose MH
has been bred to
HRCH Ten Bears Smoke Potatoes Surprise MH 

We are expecting Chocolate and Black pups out of this breeding.

HRCH Ebony MH is a very talented marking dog that  has the ability to pull out marks that the rest of the field seems to have trouble with, she is one of the easiest dogs we have had the pleasure of training here at High Tide Retrievers. Ebony is a spectacular  water dog.  She achieved her HRCH title at 23 months of age and she achieved her Master Title on her 3rd Birthday. Ebony is  a blind running machine. More often then not you have to worry about her breaking on a blind more then a mark; this dog lives to run blinds and absolutely loves handling drills. It is an extremely rare occasion that you have a dog that is capable of marking like Ebony marks and running blinds. The way she will run a blind that was one of the big reasons we purchased Ebony from her original owners as a Breeding Female for our program. Ebony is Clear of CNM, EIC her hips are Excellent and her elbows are normal .

HRCH Tater arrived at High Tide Retrievers when he was a little over a year old. That winter he showed us what he was truly capable of. After going through the HTR program  we started running him in events, and there was no turning back for this guy. He has never had a hitch in his career; he is a rolling machine that is unstoppable when it comes to his field work. He is a very talented marking dog and a good blind running dog. He is a very trainable dog that takes very little to maintain at a high standard. He wants to please in the worst way. Tater is clear of CNM and EIC threw parentage. He has good hips and normal elbows.

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