High Tide Retrievers operates out of our primary facility in Seguin, Ontario, just south of Parry Sound. Additional training grounds are located throughout Central Ontario. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that positive attitude towards work in the retriever is the number one ingredient to success. Our "teach first and test later" program creates highly talented dogs with style and tremendous attitude on the line, or in the duck blind.

Our Programs:

Hunting Dog and Companion: This program for waterfowl and upland hunting dogs was designed with you, the hunter, in mind. We create the ideal companion you desire with the capabilities and talents of your individual dog.

Hunt Test and Trial Program: We take pride in training your future Champion to the highest standard in the industry, creating the polished Retriever that we all want to take to the line. We go above and beyond to school your dog in the technical aspects of the game, as well as creating a environment that your dog's natural talent can excel in.

We use real birds for  training in the field and water. Bumpers are only used for drills and general yard work.

Obedience Training and General Family Pets.

For the family that wants a well-mannered, friendly family pet. This program creates an environment where your pet learns and adapts to a set of standard expectations. We teach your pet how to listen to you, and how to respond quickly to your command. An essential part of this program involves the owner spending time at High Tide Retrievers.


UH HRCH Walking Tall's Boomerang Smack MH WCX

EIC & CNM Clear. Competed in multiple Qualifying trials, receiving multiple RCM and CM titles.   

HRCH Ebony Rose MH

EIC & CNM Clear. Competed in multiple Qualifying trials, receiving CM and RCM titles.  Excellent hips; normal elbows. 

HRCH Skeetercreek's Brave Heart

Wallace  was and is one of the nicest dogs we have worked with. He lives to make people happy.

HRCH Ten Bears Smoke Potatoe Surprise MH

EIC and CNM Clear. Tater is a retrieving machine that people cannot get enough of when he is working.

Is your goal to make your next hunting retriever the best you have ever had? Well you have taken the first step.The next step is spending time training with HTR.  Come out and see what we are all about.

 At HTR we continuously work to keep ahead of the game, and employ new tools and techniques. Special thanks to Terry Marych, our photographer & videographer. Terry has recorded past training sessions so Trainers and Handlers can go back over the video to identify improvements.  Also, thanks to Terry for most of the pictures on our site.

Where to find us

230 Rankin Lake Road, Seguin, ON   P2A 0B2

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